09 December 2016

The Guy in the Weeds

Or perhaps the vines, but he's out there wandering the roads, barefoot and apparently beset upon by a siren.

The design of the vines is extremely complex; especially intricate are the overlapping and intertwined sections.  It would be an interesting study to determine whether this entanglement is documentation of local contemporary viniculture, it appears to this untrained eye to be a practical application.  The guy himself is well developed: the folds in the clothing, the articulated toes, the curls in the hair and beard, the grasping hand, the entire composition is a demonstration of skill and creativity. Mind you, much of the marble used in this cathedral was quarried from Roman necropolis sites, so it is likely that the artisans saw similar pieces done by their predecessors and there is mimicry in play. Roman sarcophagi were often panels filled with character and complex background imagery.  This work is nevertheless a "masterpiece" in that it has all the technical and creative aspects of the work of a sculptor with substantial abilities.

He's out there alone, a pilgrim working his way across the medieval landscape, meandering through a tangled thicket of vines filled with temptation and obstacles.

11 October 2016

Regency Theater

04 March 2016

In any given urban center, be it New York or San Francisco (or Rome or Tokyo for that matter) there will always be a population of the "A   B  normal" (Abby Normal, aka crazy).  It's just that in Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Beijing and so on strange remains strange, it is the outlier in the overall population.  In San Francisco, strange is the new normal.  Now whether that is good or bad is a matter of personal preference and tolerance for the strange.

photo - it's from Chicago 2015.  Eugene was always a place where hippies were welcomed when the students were out of town.

16 October 2013

Moray, Inca agricultural studies test plot.
The site is large, comparable to contemporary university cooperatives. It reportedly has a temperature range of 15ยบ C, which when you think of its sunlight budget, means one can grow nearly anything.
The real work is overlooked - literally and figuratively.  The drainage underneath the terraces tolerates a rainy season during the summer and a long dry season in the winter. The design is marvelous, when presented with an abundance of water the terraces allow the excess to easily slough off, and during a shortage they retain and disperse the moisture.  The height and depth of the terraces create microclimates that can be controlled by both water and position.  This is facet afforded the Inca agronomists the ability to search for climate tolerant variants.
FYI, Washington and Jefferson both thought it was incumbent upon them to host experimental farms on their land.  They independently imported wide varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plants to their estates for the primary purpose of finding a cultivar to disseminate to the countryside.

Glen Pass

Glen Pass 2013

Just wondering if it will be possible to identify Foxtail pines from the Lodgepole and White pine trees.

16 August 2013

Hiking Peru

Just a little snow
The next day
The trip intended to acclimate the party to the altitude was up the nearby lake.  Apparently the lake didn't like us, or the mountain, or the clouds...
But the next day... 15,000' + pass on a 10 mile day?  A nice walk in the park, eh?


OK is it a coincidence that this happened during some aboriginal religious ceremony?  Crikey, if there is anything to learn from scores of bad B movies, it is do not tempt the old g-ds; crankiness is directly proportional to age among the supernatural.  Think about it, all those ancient dudes (and dudettes) they were mean to the core.  I guess when you have been around for so long it just gets tiresome to hear and see the same ol' thing.

Towards the end of the video there is the realization that this thing was going to hit us.  I yelled turn around, and it soon engulfed and pelted us with ice, snow, and cold cold moisture.  Luckily we were dressed well enough - no swimmers - to endure it.