28 January 2008

Roads End

Roads End at Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park

A popular hiking trailhead. Permits for 50 hikers a day...
The map is an exaggerated vertical over horizontal (10X rise over run). The loop trail is 46 miles long, and can be completed in 4 days and 3 nights or shorter if you're in a hurry. The flash version of this map shows times and crowds at apex of Rae Lakes. If 50 hikers indeed enter at Cedar Grove / Roads End; then they will accumulate like so much flotsam and jetsam on the beach.
The NPS has the mileage numbers on this page. It takes me about 10 hours to reach Woods Creek (17 miles!) going up Paradise or about 8 hours to reach Vidette Meadow (an easy 14 miles). Roads End to Sphinx Creek or to Lower Paradise took about 3 hours. Your times and mileage may vary.
The thing you should learn from reading this map is how fast and how far do you go up? If you climb towards Bubbs Creek, you cross Glen Pass on Day 2, if you climb towards Paradise Valley you spend longer time on trail before reaching 8,000'.

14 January 2008

Shakedown Street

These are the 3 kings, or magi. Their clothing is conspicuously Sasanian as are the gifts they bear. It is interesting that each one wears the Phyrgian cap, a symbol of being from the east and/or of being free-born.
What I find fascinating are the date trees. These are not found Ravenna, yet appear to symbolize fecundity and wealth. It's interesting that a Germanic patron would include this flora in his tribute image. What this probably represents is artistic freedom. Theodoric probably told the artisans to include what they believed was appropriate and correct. Whether he ever saw a date tree is rather doubtful.

Here's the front of the church. The tower was added in the 10th century, after casting technology advanced far enough to for the production of bells. Nothing is so sacred that the latest technology can't be incorporated.
Ravenna Page

09 January 2008

Something about trollz and other frauds

I'm looking for a job so I posted my resume on the more popular job/employment sites. Funny thing about those sites, one site in particular seems to attract the trollz and fraudulent hucksters.

If you ever receive an e-mail from us-careersite.com, understand they are not affiliated with that other site. However, that other site seems to give access to these not-so-nice people. I filed a complaint with the FTC regarding us-careersite.com as they appear to be hucksters or worse(!). I do not recommend that you visit that site nor post your resume their nor fill in their forms. If you do, then keep an eye on your cell phone bill.

That other site? They look something like this...

Visual Resume

You can find a text version on Monster and other job boards.