28 January 2008

Roads End

Roads End at Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park

A popular hiking trailhead. Permits for 50 hikers a day...
The map is an exaggerated vertical over horizontal (10X rise over run). The loop trail is 46 miles long, and can be completed in 4 days and 3 nights or shorter if you're in a hurry. The flash version of this map shows times and crowds at apex of Rae Lakes. If 50 hikers indeed enter at Cedar Grove / Roads End; then they will accumulate like so much flotsam and jetsam on the beach.
The NPS has the mileage numbers on this page. It takes me about 10 hours to reach Woods Creek (17 miles!) going up Paradise or about 8 hours to reach Vidette Meadow (an easy 14 miles). Roads End to Sphinx Creek or to Lower Paradise took about 3 hours. Your times and mileage may vary.
The thing you should learn from reading this map is how fast and how far do you go up? If you climb towards Bubbs Creek, you cross Glen Pass on Day 2, if you climb towards Paradise Valley you spend longer time on trail before reaching 8,000'.

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