02 September 2008

Duomo d' Modena, Porto della Pescheria

Margaret over at The Earthly Paradise has a tag on her blog expressing interest in the Arthurian Legend. Since I delivered a symposium lecture on the Porto della Pescheria I thought I throw this up here in case she wanders by...
This is, according to R.S. Loomis, the first instance of the Arthurian legend. It is believed that Wiligemo and Lanfranco were exposed to this story by the Crusaders departing from Bari, Italy. At the time, the two were working on the Cathedral of Bari and later worked here in Modena. My argument is the position and placement of this sculpture was deliberate action by the town to celebrate the peasant. Visible to the local market and main road bisecting this town, this was a billboard of sorts. Any wandering troubadours would see it, and so recognize Modena as a place where their performances would be welcome. Come the time for the Carnival, I'll explore this theme and idea further.

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Margaret said...

How fascinating! I just love the figures on the arch. I look forward to hearing more about it when the carnival comes around!