05 September 2008

Visible Earth Strangeness

This is a test of the link to Visible Earth which causes much strangeness when accessed from the side bar.

Update: Alas, the strangeness continues, it is in Blogger itself.

For The Record: Blogger does something very weird to that particular URL (http://visibleearth.nasa.gov). It chews up the DNS entry and sends it to my ISP. I then must wait 30 minutes for the ISP DNS cache to clear before I can access the site. It's a shame because the site is interesting.

The URL in the link is correct. If the user copies the link location and pastes the link into the navigation bar it works fine. It only fails when a user clicks on the link in a Blogger window, either from this entry or from the sidebar entry. It will also fail if the user requests the link to open in another window or tab. Therefore the link only fails when the DNS request is made going through the Blogger page (and server).

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