16 October 2013

Moray, Inca agricultural studies test plot.
The site is large, comparable to contemporary university cooperatives. It reportedly has a temperature range of 15ยบ C, which when you think of its sunlight budget, means one can grow nearly anything.
The real work is overlooked - literally and figuratively.  The drainage underneath the terraces tolerates a rainy season during the summer and a long dry season in the winter. The design is marvelous, when presented with an abundance of water the terraces allow the excess to easily slough off, and during a shortage they retain and disperse the moisture.  The height and depth of the terraces create microclimates that can be controlled by both water and position.  This is facet afforded the Inca agronomists the ability to search for climate tolerant variants.
FYI, Washington and Jefferson both thought it was incumbent upon them to host experimental farms on their land.  They independently imported wide varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plants to their estates for the primary purpose of finding a cultivar to disseminate to the countryside.

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